Rotary Die Cutter (RDC)

Rotary Die Cutter (RDC)

Flexographic printing, die cutting and stacking in line for high performance production of die-cut boxes.

The Rotary Die Cutter is available in both Open/Close and Fixed types.

The Fixed RDC suits to clients that work with short runs and look for high productivity as the operators can access and prepare next orders in the unused printing stations while the machine is working.

The Open/Close RDC is aimed at clients who work medium and large runs and look for versatility. The order set up is made with the machine stopped and the printing stations open for the corresponding changes: clichés, ink color, anilox rolls…


  • High performance production orientated to die-cut boxes.
  • Quick die-change system.
  • Automatic Anvil grinding system.
  • High quality flexographic printing at high working speed.
  • Production speed up to 25000 box/hour. 
  • Up to 4 outs/piles.
  • Stripping station.
  • Innovative doctor blade chamber: automatic inking and wash-up, without side seals, low maintenance, etc.
  • Possibility to print both inner and outer faces of the sheets.
  • Vacuum sheet transfer along the machine.
  • Available with Direct Drive or Gear transmission.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics 1676 mm
Working Width (WW) 2400 mm | 2800mm | 3200mm | 3600mm
Minimum sheet size 720 x 450 mm
Maximum sheet size WW x 1535 mm
Maximum sheet size with skip feed WW x 1900 mm
Max. mechanical speed 10500/h
Board caliper 1,5 - 14 mm
Technical Characteristics 66"
Working Width (WW) 94,5" | 110,2" | 126" | 141,7"
Minimum sheet size 28,3" x 17,7"
Maximum sheet size WW x 60,4"
Maximum sheet size with skip feed WW x 74,8
Max. mechanical speed 10500/h
Board caliper 0,06" - 0,55"

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